What car is more iconic than the kombi? Kombis are loved all around the world. You see a kombi and picture surfers cruising down the coast, hippies on a road trip, free spirits escaping the rat race. Kombis give you a feeling of fun, freedom and adventure.

Introduced in the 50s and gaining popularity in the 60s as the “hippie mobile”, kombis became a symbol of countercultural freedom. Surfers, musicians and adventurers gave the kombi the street cred it has today. Kombis make you nostalgic, even if you weren't around in the 60s or 70s when they were all the rage!


We love kombis. We love the car itself – its roominess, cool design, retro colours and the way it drives. But we also love that all around the world people have a little space reserved for kombis in their heart.

Küste Kombis was born in 2011 out of our love for kombis and the joy they bring. Küste (pronounced “koo – st – u”) means “coast” in German. Because the kombi van is a German car and we’re on the West Coast, we thought this name fit us well. 

So while we bought and restored our vintage kombis for our own joy, we didn't want to just keep them to ourselves. We wanted to share our love for the kombi with everyone!

Meet our vintage kombis:


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